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Cuatro Caballos is a coastal vineyard planted close to the seaside town of Jose Ignacio, Uruguay.  The terroir of this area has now been determined to be excellent for the Tannat grape and has produced an exceptional wine that is full bodied  with deep flavors of chocolate, berries and pepper.  French immigrants brought the Tannat grape to Uruguay in the late 1800’s where it flourishes and is one of the country’s most important grapes.  The Cuatro Caballos Tannat wine is a perfect compliment for beef, lamb and  wild game.



Label Artist:  
Julio Delacroix
The exotic Tannat wine of Cuatro Caballos Vindedo

Cuatro Caballos Tannat 2007: Gold Medal : Sonoma Grand Harvest Wine Competition November 2012

Cuatro Caballos Tannat 2007: Silver Medal : Dallas Morning News Wine Competition February 2011. 

Cuatro Caballos Tannat 2007: Bronze Medal: 2011 New York

International Wine Competition May 1st and 2nd

Cuatro Caballos Tannat 2007: Silver Medal: International Eastern Wine Competition June 14th and 15th, 2011

Cuatro Caballos Tannat 2007 and 2006: Reserve Class Champion. Silver Medal,  Houston Rodeo Wine Competition Nov. 2011.

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